What Are The Main Applications Of Anodized Aluminum?

by Roche Roger

Anodized aluminum is a type of treated aluminum. It is subjected to anodizing aluminum, where an oxide layer is added to its surface. The oxide layer acts as a protective barrier. It also increases the thickness of the metal. It makes it more aesthetically appealing, especially because anodized aluminum can be treated with various lubricants and dyes. Anodized aluminum is also more resistant to wear and corrosion. Click here to learn more about anodizing aluminum. In this post, we discuss anodized aluminum applications.

Applications of anodized aluminum

Anodized aluminum is applied in a wide range of industries to manufacture various products. Below are some of the primary applications of anodized aluminum

1. Art

Anodized art has recently become quite popular. In this area, designers use anodized aluminum to seal their sketches and pieces of art. Doing this adds aesthetic appeal to the art. It also increases the value of the art because the anodized aluminum is a high-quality material. Additionally, the anodized aluminum seal helps protect the art from damages. It helps that anodized aluminum can be colored. Therefore, artists can color it to make it match with the rest of the art.

2. Aerospace

Anodized aluminum is also applied in the aerospace industry. For instance, NASA uses anodized aluminum to make trusses. This is because the anodized surface finish provides superior optical properties that can handle direct sunlight and high temperatures without losing their integrity. Anodized aluminum, therefore, keeps the trusses from getting too hot by providing them with better thermal control.

NASA also uses anodized aluminum to make handrails. These handrails can be used as anchors and lifelines by austraunats. It is also worth mentioning that satellites orbiting the earth are also made with anodized aluminum because of their superior qualities. However, in this case, the anodized aluminum is combined with several other materials.

3. Construction

Anodized aluminum is also highly applicable in the construction industry. Its application in this industry can be attributed to the fact that it is strong and resistant to a wide range of harsh conditions. In construction, anodized aluminum is used to make external structures for buildings. Here, anodized aluminum is used because it can withstand extreme weather conditions during all seasons.

4. High-tech

There are also numerous applications of anodized aluminum in high-tech applications. For instance, some high-tech firms are pushing towards innovative applications of anodized aluminum in various products. Additionally, semiconductor manufacturing companies.

5. Outdoor products

Additionally, anodized aluminum is used to make a wide range of outdoor products. Most of these products need protection from the environment’s elements, and abrasion resistance is when they drop or get scratched. Anodizing aluminum results in properties like increased strength, durability, and thickness. Examples of outdoor products made using anodized aluminum are; paintball markets, camping furniture (especially chairs), and tent poles.


In addition to the applications mentioned above, anodized aluminum is also used to manufacture specific aircraft parts. The applications of aluminum depend on its quality and the method of anodizing aluminum used. This is because various aluminum anodizing methods result in varying characteristics of the metal.

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