Top Ways to clean precision CNC machined parts

by Roche Roger

Regular equipment maintenance is the key to preventing catastrophic equipment failure in any manufacturing environment. In a quest to use CNC milling services, maintenance, alongside proper cleaning methods should be adopted. This way, the optimal functionality of the precision machined parts will be guaranteed.

This is where many CNC machine operators really have problems. If you are in a similar position, you might be able to learn some useful things from this article. It will provide at least four cleaning methods that are perfect for CNC machined parts. While there are other methods, these are simply the ones that stand out. This should help you and your business moving forward.

Different Cleaning Methods for CNC machined parts

Before choosing a cleaning method, you must select the following the causes, level, and characteristics of the stain. This helps you to ensure the normal use of the parts and also to avoid corrosion or damage. Here are the several effective methods of cleaning your precision machined parts:

1. The first Step is Scrubbing

To get all the cleaning done, you need to combine diesel and a host of cleaning materials. To scrub the machined parts, you are going to need to use a brush or a yarn. For many people, scrubbing seems to be the perfect way to clean. It’s efficient and seems to be perfect for a wide variety of machined parts.

You have to also remember that because of the fat-soluble features which can hurt the health of people, gasoline is often not preferred when trying the scrub machined parts.

2. Vibration cleaning method

For this method, the machined parts will be dipped into the cleaning fluid. Once this has been done, the parts will need to be cleaned through the use of a cleaning machine. Its job will be to provide enough stimulation to get the actual cleaning done.

3. Boil wash

To achieve this, you will need to place all parts that need to be washed into a container. This container has to be framed using steel plates. Once it has been placed inside, heat it up. Make sure that the final temperature is between 85 to 90 degrees. To heat it, use a stove and make sure it boils for at least 3 minutes.

4. Spray wash cleaning method

This method is the easiest method if you have a straight forward job to do. All you need to do is to spray your cleaning agent against the machined parts. Once this has been done, add a bit of pressure and the stain is off. As you probably would have guessed already, this method is mostly used when the stain is minimal.


So there you have it! There’s no doubt that machined parts are simply too valuable. The only way to keep them as durable as possible to keep them clean probably. The different cleaning methods above will surely help you to do just that. At the end, it’ll be a win for you and your business. That should put a smile on your face.

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