The Primary Components Of A Metal Shredder

by Roche Roger

Metal shredders are tools used to tear apart waste metal into tiny pieces for more straightforward disposal or recycling. They are used for scrap material like tins, computers, electronic parts, and a wide range of metal products. Metal shredders are highly used for industrial purposes. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes, like small metal shredder machines. In this post, we review metal shredder components.

The components of a scrap metal shredder

Below are the main parts of a scrap metal shredder;

1. The knife

This is one of the most significant components of a scrap metal shredder. It is the part where the scrap metal is cut. The best knife is usually made of alloy steel casting. This material is incredible because it is firm and can serve you for a long time.

2. The rotor

The rotor usually has saw teeth cutters. The cutters typically mesh with knives. The two components work together to shred the scrap metals and waste.

3. The blades

The blades are the core of a scrap metal shredder. They perform the ultimate task of the shredder. Since the blades are the heart of the machine, they have to be chosen carefully. The choice you make should be based on the type and qualities of the metal you want to shred in the machine. The best blades are usually made from hardened alloyed steel. They are also coated to increase their durability and quality of service.

4. The motor

The motor on a metal shredder machine controls the movement of the blades. It usually operates at a slow speed. The slow speed helps lessen its stress. The slow rotating speed is usually coupled with high torque to allow the machine to work on a wide range of materials. The quality of the metal affects the performance of the entire shredder and its resulting parts.

5. The power systems

All metal shredders come with power systems. There are two types of power systems used in scrap metal shredders. They are; hydraulic and electric power systems. Electric power systems are the top pick for most people because they take up less space and handle a wide variety of materials. On the other hand, the hydraulic power system is an excellent choice for heavy-duty processing. These power systems can also handle overloads.

6. The housing or frame

This is the part that hosts all the components of a metal shredder machine. The frame is usually made of thick and heavy-duty metal. The metal should be able to hold all the other components easily.

7. Control systems

These are systems that allow you to adjust the processes to eliminate any hurdles in the process. Control systems are only available in the metal shredders that use the latest technology.

8. Feeding

Lastly, there is the feeding system. This is the system through which the scrap metal is feed into the scrap metal shredder. The feeding system is usually designed to handle large quantities of material.


The components mentioned above work collaboratively to allow for smooth and efficient metal shredding. Their functioning and materials may differ from one manufacture to the next.

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