Rotogravure printing: all the pros you should know

by Roche Roger

We all know that there are different printing machines and their uses and advantages or objectives. The rotogravure printing is without a doubt one of the most popular. If you have always wondered what benefits you get from the rotogravure, you are not alone.

In this article, you are going to learn different things about rotogravure printing, including the advantages. This will help you make the right decision about rotogravure printing.

Definition of rotogravure printing

Rotogravure is obtained from the term rotation. This suggests that the printing procedure consists of rotating cylinders rather than sheet pressed on the article.

Rotogravure can also be defined as a remedy printing press that utilizes an engraved, repeatedly metal, print container to transmit a design by spinning through ink and onto printing textures.

The cylinder, which includes the picture, gets engraved, implying that minor openings are created into the cylinder, which symbolizes the point image. On the other hand, other printing strategies make use of diverse cylinders which transport the ink to the image courier and finally print it on the layer–paper, fiber, or wood. In the case of rotogravure, the cylinder prints directly on the layer.

Advantages of rotogravure printing

  1. Printing speed: rotogravure is qualified by a wonderful print quality and impressive printing speed.
  2. Print quality: rotogravure has an invariant printing personality. It encompasses easy printing operation.
  3. It has careful ink use and the change of printing machine structures.
  4. Rotogravure can be used over and over again for a long period of time for several print jobs.
  5. Rotogravure inclines to be more profitable in shorter runs as the expense or cylinder making is preferable. The more you print, the cheaper the price per paper becomes.
  6. Rotogravure is widely used to print newspaper appendices. For example, color magazine sections, catalogs, illustrated magazines and books, advertising, calendar, and so on. It is also assigned for printing tags and wrappers in cell phones and related elements.
  7. Enormous quantities can be printed effectively. A bigger combination of concrete structure types with property finishes can be used.
  8. Rotogravure module can effortlessly be combined in the machine, for example, metallic outcomes.

As everything in life has its advantages, they also have disadvantages. Rotogravure is not perfect; it also has little drawbacks:

To produce the rotogravure cylinder, it will require huge cost or expenses. Also, there are different types of ink for different printing machines. But this particular printing machine called rotogravure printing has its special ink, which is solvent-based and water-based.

Rotogravure inks are in liquid form with a very inferior density that enables them to be pulled into the engraved cells in the cylinder then transmitted onto the substrate.


Rotogravure printing machine press uses a printing cylinder which has been laser engraved with minute cells competent of maintaining ink, the amount and pattern of which reflects the basic image.

The rotogravure printing press is so good that it can be used repeatedly for various printing businesses. It can produce a huge quantity and quality of images.

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