Reasons You Should Consider Using 3D Printing

by Roche Roger

Different methods are used in product development. The processes start by creating a three-dimensional prototype. Subtractive manufacturing involves cut material continuously from a solid. This product development process is done by the machining process. Another method for producing products is known as injection molding. This technique is suitable for mass production. In this case, items are made by injecting the hot material into the die. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that supports infinite-length printing. It involves the making of products by adding material layers. These are some of the reasons various manufacturers are embracing 3D printing.


3D printing is widely used in rapid prototyping. This makes it possible to design, make, and customize a product within a short period. Moreover, you can alter the design without affecting the manufacturing process speed.

In the past, it would take months to make a prototype. That is because whenever a new change or idea came about, it would increase the time of making a prototype. When you take into account the shipping time, it will take many nearly a year to make a new product.

3D printing makes it possible to make a prototype or product in a short span. As you know, time is quite important for both individuals and businesses. Therefore, reduction in time matters a lot. 3D printing provides room for creativity to thrive. As a result, you can make nearly everything you need without requiring a warehouse or expensive equipment.


Recent studies have found 3D printing to be a cost-effective product development technique. Some manufacturing methods like machining and molding utilize expensive machines. In addition, they are associated with exorbitant labor costs, as you need trained technicians and operators. On the other hand, 3D printing involves a few machines and an operator. Also, there is minimal wastage of material and does not need additional tooling.


Another reason you should embrace 3D printing technology is that you can use it to make nearly anything you want. However, with traditional manufacturing techniques, new parts or changes in design necessitated the need for new tools, die, jig, or mold.

In 3D printing, you only need to add the slicer software and the filament. That means there is minimal change with the physical equipment or machinery. 3D printing makes it possible to manufacture and create geometries that are impossible with traditional manufacturing methods. Also, it allows for the inclusion of textures and colors. If you have some CAD knowledge, you can edit the designs.


The truth is that traditional manufacturing techniques produce poor designs and low-quality prototypes. Remember that you cannot guarantee quality with an injection or subtractive manufacturing methods. With 3D printing, layers are added on top of each other to enhance the design and make better quality products and items.


Traditional manufacturing techniques can produce a percentage of products of inconsistent quality or defective. However, with 3D printing, parts are made in succession. Therefore, each individual part is easily monitored, eliminating errors in real-time. Thus, 3D printing produces high-precision prototype and products.


Nowadays, it is quite easy to access 3D printing services and printers. Considering that 3D printers are not expensive and they have lower setup costs, you can easily make your products or run a business.

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