Is the Ender 6D Printer the Best of them All?

by Roche Roger

6D printing is now available, and Creality is giving other companies a run for their money. Are you curious yet? Take a look!

For decades, there has been intense competition in the 3D Printing world. This month alone, companies have brought affordable items to the eyes of the public through different channels. Most customers have had no choice but to join in the game. With the incredible machines and downright outlandish innovations, the industry is pretty ripe for planted pranks, including false stories, and Ender 6D is really not one of them. Yes, you heard it right. Ender 6D Printer is on the market, and here is every basic detail you should furnish yourself with.

Background Information

Three days after the release and launch of their Ender 3 V2 printer, Creality is now boasting of producing a brand new printer, the Ender 6. The machine has impeccable technical aspects that come with an extra build volume coupled with an enclosure.

While the machine is not in most of the stores yet, you can rest assured to find the preliminary product information on their sites, as discussed below.

Additional space for prints

When your document is printed at its actual size, but its output appears slightly larger or smaller than the standard size, assessing the disconnect between the real and genuine printed format may imply research or dig through several settings. That is why you need a printer with a spacious printing space.  

Creality 6D printers come with that. It has a volume of up to 250*400mm, putting it between the Ender 5 Pro and CR-10 series.  This should serve your daily printing needs.


The digital printing world is quickly evolving into a go-to docket when it comes to finding solutions to various problems. If speed is essential to your printing needs, then you need to know its effects right on. One significant speed indicator is the manufacturer’s pages-per-minute, and Creality’s 6D comes with this feature.

The machine’s speed resolution is about 0.1 millimeters thanks to the XY style assembly known to be the highest speed in printing. It would help if you were careful, though. That speed does not really say everything about the printing results.  

Additional features you will like

  • The resume printing function- this is the feature responsible for jumpstarting the machine after a power outage. It only means that you can always pick up from where you left the printing when power returns.
  • Enhanced user interface- the machine comes with a new motherboard user interface.
  • Silent printing- of course, you would love to have some quiet in your home office when printing. That is where the 6D comes in as a silent printing machine. The TMX-2208 system makes it viable.
  • Filament sensor- the filament sensor of this machine has a sensor that works properly. The LED filament sensor works appropriately to ensure that the machine is in its right state.  

Final Thoughts

That’s it from the Creality 6D printing team and us. You now know why it is crucial to invest in the new device.

Happy shopping!

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